Cabernet Sauvignon
Dry, aromas of plums and currants. Velvety, with hints of oak.

Ives Noir
Medium, cotton candy nose. Light-bodied with flavors of spicy, sweet grapes.

Dry, with a bouquet of strawberries and currants. Medium-bodied with a hint of herbs.

Red Muscadine
Sweet, with scents of a warm Southern evening. Light-bodied, but flavorful.

Red Table Wine
Sweet with a bouquet of fresh-picked grapes. Light-bodied and fresh.

This is the exclusive first bottling of a new cultivar developed by Mathew and Thomas Post of Post Familie Vineyards. Read more in this press release. Prophecy 2008 is a full-bodied, sweet red wine with great fruit and deep color. Available in 375 ml only.

Traditional Red
Semi-dry, aromas of cloves and raisins. Medium-bodied with fruit flavors.